Vapour Permeable Membrane

Vapour Permeable Membrane

A vapour permeable membrane is a protective covering which is designed to prevent moisture from entering through the surface of the membrane. These materials are commonly used in commercial refrigeration applications. Generally, they are made of polyethylene and polypropylene. Depending on the application, the material can be treated to allow certain substances to pass through.

AquaBarrier VP

The IKO AquaBarrier VP Vapour Permeable Membrane is a self-adhering vapour permeable membrane that offers superior protection from liquid water ingress. It can be used on most types of substrates, including concrete, OSB, CMU and gypsum. This material also provides mildew and mold resistance.

AquaBarrier VP is a polypropylene composite membrane that is coated with a proprietary acrylic adhesive on the back. It is light and easy to install. It has a UV stability rating of up to 90 days and can be exposed to sunlight for up to 90 seconds.

It has a low water retention capacity, which means it can resist mildew and mold. It also has a small amount of insulation, which makes it a great choice for many applications. It is made to be applied to the tiniest of areas, which can increase productivity on site.

Wraptite SA

Wraptite SA is a vapour permeable membrane for air tightness that is self-adhesive. This is a highly versatile product that can be used on a variety of substrates. It can be installed in all climates and provides excellent thermal performance.

A building’s fabric needs to be able to absorb and release moisture. The correct management of this moisture is crucial to the longevity of the fabric and the health of the occupants. To this end, it is important to use a quality vapour permeable air barrier.

The Wraptite SA membrane is made from a triple layer of microporous polyethylene film that is highly breathable. It reduces the risk of condensation and also helps to minimise the likelihood of mildew and timber distortion.

Installation is easy, quick and requires minimal tapes and adhesives. Because of this, it is ideal for commercial projects. In addition to being extremely durable, Wraptite SA is lightweight and easily installable.


AIR-SHIELD SMP is a vapor permeable air/liquid moisture barrier. It is a tough membrane, nominally 40 mils thick, that offers superior resistance to liquid water intrusion. If you’re looking for a tough, reusable, vapor permeable barrier, AIR-SHIELD SMP is the way to go. A good barrier will prevent air, vapor, and liquids from passing through a building’s envelope. AIR-SHIELD SMP can also be used in wall assemblies that are NFPA 285 compliant.

AIR-SHIELD SMP is part of a comprehensive system designed by W. R. Meadows. In addition to the SMP, you’ll find AIR-SHIELD THRU-WALL FLASHING and AIR-SHIELD LM. Both of these products have their merits. For instance, AIR-SHIELD LM, a liquid-based polymer-modified membrane, is an effective way to create a tough, elastomeric barrier. However, it also takes a long time to cure. Likewise, AIR-SHIELD THRU-WALL is a good choice for a concealed flashing installation.

Perm-A-Barrier(r) VPS

Perm-A-Barrier(r) VPL, or Vapour Permeable Liner, is a two component, fluid-applied acrylic membrane that minimizes condensation problems and provides superior protection against liquid and air ingress. This is ideal for protecting critical areas of a building superstructure. The PERM-A-BARRIER(r) VPL membrane dries within 24 hours of application at normal temperature and humidity conditions. It is ideal for minimizing energy loss and providing continuous protection against air and liquid water ingress.

The PERM-A-BARRIER(r) Wall Membrane System is designed to be installed at all framed openings. The Perm-A-Barrier(r) Wall Membrane can be applied to soffits, gable ends, and ceilings. When installing, be sure to protect the membrane from rain and other construction materials. If necessary, seal gaps around penetrations with BITUTHENE(r) Mastic or BITUTHENE(r) Liquid Membrane.

Tyvek WRB

DuPont Tyvek WRB is an engineered, high performance, vapor permeable membrane. It is ideal for commercial buildings. When installed correctly, it will help reduce energy use and create a healthier indoor environment.

This high performance WRB is completely waterproof and durable. It offers a wide range of coverage, depending on the conditions of the substrate. In addition, it provides nine months of UV resistance.

A key advantage of the DuPont(tm) Tyvek(r) fluid applied weather barrier is its ability to provide the proper balance of air and water resistance. This combination of moisture vapor permeability and durability allows water vapor to pass through, while preventing it from leaking out.

Tyvek WRB is made from a spun-bond polyolefin sheet coated with pressure sensitive adhesive. The membrane is typically about 5 to 80 m long and has a width of 30 to 250 cm.






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